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Client in Feld-am-See

Hermann Feld am See Hermann3 Feld am See Hermann4 Feld am See

Situated directly on the lake, this property was ideal for a PV Installation. 20 Sharp Panels on the roof at eaves producing approx 4kwh.

Client in Afritz with a Glass Porch

fritz Afritz fritz 3 Afritz

Awesome is the best word to describe how this project looks. The Glass Photovoltaic panels are Installed on a purpose made aluminuim frame at the rear of this property and when the sunlight hits them, wow, the effect on the house wall is dazzeling.

The Kirchheimerhof Hotel in Bad Kleinkircheim

Kirchheimerhof Hotel in Bad Kleinkircheim Kirchheimerhof3 Hotel in Bad Kleinkircheim Kirchheimerhof2 Hotel in Bad Kleinkircheim Kirchheimerhof1 Hotel in Bad Kleinkircheim

The Kirchheimerhof in Bad Kleinkirchheim sits proudly on top of this charming little ski resort. The views are spectacular from the roof that attracts sunlight throughout the entire day. The location makes this roof the perfect location for our Photovoltaic Installation. On this project we installed a total of 84 Sharp panels producing peak approx 20kwh, split into 4 strings.

Clients property in Treffen

Treffen in Carinthia Treffen2 in Carinthia

This clients property is situated at the beginning of the treffen valley and as such is ideally suited for a Photovoltaic Installation. The roof of the property is large and well laid out and as such attract the maximum amout of sunlight available within this area. The 44 panels on this roof produce at peak approx 10kwh.

Clients Property in BKK

Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia Bad Kleinkirchheim2 in Carinthia

This was one of our first Installations of 2012 and shows the method by which our mounting systems are put to use on a sheet metal roof. This project included 20 sharp panels and is a single string.

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