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A Client in Afritz

Afritz in Carinthia Afritz 2 in Carinthia

The above Installation was a dream to work on. Sat high in the rolling hills of Southern Carinthia, this roof has the sun on it all day long. The installation consists of 82 Sharp panels split into 4 strings

Palle Staff House in Feld-am-See

feld am see in Carinthia feld am see2 in Carinthia feld3 am see in Carinthia feld am see4 in Carinthia

The above is steep, not just a little steep, but extremely steep. This property in the heart of this little popular lakeside town is locally well known for its herb garden. We installed a total of 51 panels split into 3 strings

The Raiffeisen Bank in Radenthein

Raiffeisen Bank in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank2 in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank3 in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank5 in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank6 in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank7 in Radenthein Carinthia Raiffeisen Bank8 in Radenthein Carinthia

The Raiffeisen Bank in Radenthein is interesting insofar as we installed Panels on two different types of roof covering. As can be seen from the pics we have mounted our panels of a traditional tiled roof and also on a felt cover. The combined Installation for these two ares is 85 panels split into 4 strings and powered by kostal inverters.

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