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Some Austrian Installed Photovoltaic systems on behalf of Elektro-Tisch

2012 was a very busy year for us. We installed approx 2000 PhotoVoltaic panels on behalf of Elektro-Tisch, based in Feld am See. From small 5kw systems on a garage roof to a 550 panel 132kw kraftwerk on a water treatment plant with everything in between, we were, as you can imagine busy. We documented some of our projects and this site has been created to showcase them. We mainly installed Sharp panels, however both schools were roof installations using Kioto panels and kostal inverters.

Some of our Projects during 2012

Alte Post Hotel and Alte Post Guesthouse in Feld-am-See

Alte post Hotel photovoltaic system Alte post guesthaus photovoltaic installation

The above two projects were carried out in the middle of 2012 and consist of a total of 77 Sharp panels in 4 strings to the Alte Post Hotel and a further 40 Sharp panels in 2 strings to the Alte Post Guest House.

Bauhof in Rauth, Feld-am-See

Bauhof roof photovoltaic system in Feld am see Bauhof photovoltaic solar panels in Feld am see Bauhof4 in Feld am see Bauhof5 in Feld am see

The above project is different from the others insofar as the method of construction is "indach" as opposed to on the roof. This project utilises a total of 99 photovoltaic roof panels in 4 strings with two inverters and as you can see from the pictures looks really good.

The Brennseehof Hotel in Feld-am-See

Brennseehof2 Hotel in Feld am See Brennseehof4 Hotel in Feld am See Brennseehof5 Hotel in Feld am See Brennseehof7 Hotel in Feld am See

The Brennseehof Hotel in Feld am See really is the flagship hotel for the area. Not only does it have great summer and winter facilities for its guests, it also boasts the largest combined kw per hour production in the area with no less than 84 ish panels on the hotel roof which when added to the other properties owned by the family give a combined KW per hour of approx 80kw. Details of what is produced in real time can be seen in the hotel lobby on a screen supplied for this purpose.

The Brennseehof Guesthaus in Feld-am-See

Brennseehof guesthaus in Feld am See Brennseehof2 guesthaus in Feld am See

The Brennseehof Guest haus is next door to the Brennseehof Hotel and has 44 Photovoltaic Sharp panels fitted to its roof consisting of two strings and a kostal Piko inverter

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